pbPitcher and Butch With an unrivaled ambience and cozy set up Pitcher & Butch steals everyone’s heart with its characteristic cocktail of a sharp modern look and well defined African features. She sits bold sure of what she’s made of and sends blood rushing to all her patrons in rain or shine.

Her gay nature rubs off to all who walk into her welcoming arms and like the mother of hugs lifts all your burdens and gives you a reason to smile. Young energetic party lovers, all time business people and after-work guys are but a few of her fans.

Just when you think her looks are all she got she proves you wrong with music that can tame an Anaconda. Pitcher & Butch prides herself in housing the famous Mwai our very own- Hugh Masekela- every Tuesday for Jazz night.

The music is therapeutic and keeps peoples heads together only to be thrown back in infectious laughter. This is the only place glasses will be clicking, eyes winking and laughter bubbling till the wee hours of morning. Beautiful swans clad in starched white nurse outfit sashay through the crowd as the shooter girls armed with Tequila and Smirnoff Vodka bottles shoot any willing victim .who can say no to a cooed..’Want a shot’.